Birds' Nest Products....Simply Made & Exceptionally Good Products!
Birds' Nest Products....Simply Made & Exceptionally Good Products!
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About Us

Birds' Nest was born out of necessity and a mother's response to her family's need. My family suffered from an array of skin issues; dryness, dermatitis, acne, and sensitivity. We used all kinds of expensive and chemical-filled products to cure these ailments to no avail. Nothing seemed to work!

After doing some research, I decided that I would make my own cream using natural, chemical free oils & butters. The outcomes were incredible! Our bodies responded well to this recipe and all of these issues cleared up. Seeing the benefit of this all over body cream, I decided to share it with those closest to me.

Birds' Nest Products is a company founded on the belief that we have within us what is needed to positively improve our lives. Necessity became the birthplace of creativity giving birth to Birds' Nest Products.  The solution was a product that improved a family's skin issues using simple natural products. We believe that people can improve and add to the lives of others by doing simple things amazingly well.  We believe in the power of nature to heal the body and we also believe that beautiful and well-made items add to one's wellness.

Today, I share this blessing with the world offering simple products that are naturally good! Our aim is to provide affordable & exceptional goods that nurture, protect, & heal the body, mind & spirit!

Gilberte Pascal, Owner of Birds' Nest Products